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20 Ways On How To Do Summer On Dialysis

Summer is definitely here! Don’t let the challenges of dialysis or COVID keep you from enjoying this time of year or keep you from reaching your health goals. There are many ways to enjoy the outdoors and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are some to get you started…

Eat one of these a day… any questions?

Ok, if you are a nurse or a dietitian, you are familiar with this practice of telling patients with low Potassium to start eating a banana a day from now until well eternity. If you are a renal dietitian, you can add this to the list of challenges we have in counseling patients…

A little background on Calcium

alcium is the most abundant mineral in the body which is needed to build and maintain strong bones and teeth. Calcium is also needed to regulate nerve, cardiovascular and hormonal function.98% of total body calcium is in the bones. The other 2% circulates in the body….

Is Peritoneal Dialysis For Me?

If you are reading this and wondering what peritoneal dialysis is, you have stepped into a very small, but very relevant room. “I know what dialysis is, but not sure what peritoneal means”. If you know what dialysis is, then you know that it is a treatment that….