Like most of us feeling the squeeze, this is the time to really think about needs versus wants. Many people and families are finding creative ways to stretch the dollar as far as they can, Here are some very simple ways keep money in the bank.

10 Inflation Hacks


Change washing machine setting to one rinse only. ($5-10/week)


Wait until there is a fulll load of clothes before washing. ($5-10/week)


Buy concentrated cleaner and always dilute. ($6 multipurpose concentrate can last for 3 months or longer)


Save a car trip by switching to mail-order prescriptions.


Reduce sprinkler system time by 3 minutes per station. (15 minutes less could save up to $20/month)


If you must eat out to splurge, hold the dessert. Great way to save as well as start a healthy habit. ($32 savings for 4 person family)


Need a haircut? Keep your own style. Most stylists have a separate charge for the blow out and cut. Keep the cut, hold the style. ($30 savings)


Buy in bulk? Think again. A wholesale grocery membership has the allure of saving $, but for many it gives pressure to overbuy to get your money’s worth. Buy what you need at local grocer, often cheaper, fresher and healthier options. Many also have the same gas discount. (May save hundreds per month)


Always stay packed. .. lunch of course. Making your own lunch (especially for those who still commute).can save up to $50/week on food + gas.


Wanna stay in shape? Skip the expensive gym membership. Some ideas:

  • Join local YMCA or city gym for much lower cost than private club. (Senior citizens often get 50% discount)
  • Take up biking
  • Buy free weights
  • Use a free workout app
  • Join a virtual fitness class (cheaper than in person)